Copenhagen Fall 09 II

1. annhagen:
There are SO many awesome things happening here. The insane, bulbous coat with insanely exaggerated fur collar combined with the bride of Frankenstein tall hairdo is just the most perfect silhouette ever,

2. Barbara I Gongini:
Sloppy and deconstructed and sexy and awesome. I am realy needing those gold and black manshoes in my closet. Also: I am secretly digging the two-toned hair. Something to think about whenever I get tired of the blonde.

3. Bruuns Baazar:
Another reminder of how urgently I need a classic tan trench in my life. I know this look is so simple, and not even a big deal, but that's exactly why I love it. Sometimes all you need are basics to look insanely cool.

4. By Malene Birger:
Love the asymmetry, the print and the weirdo boot/shoes thingamajigs. I am totally diy-ing some crazy one sleeve/one pant legs things pretty soon.

This is just cool and super easy to recreate at home with your own stuff. It would be cook to have prize ribbons like that and just stick them on everything. I'd make a couple in denim and stick it on jeans and jackets and everything else. From now on, ALL my Canadian tuxedos will be w1nn3rz!!1!

Oh dudes YEAAAH! Such luxurious, sloppy decadence.

5. CPH Vision:
I thought their graphic prints were most excellent.
Could this be something to DIY too? Absolutely.


Alice X said...

ADORE the last look, copenhaggen is getting more and more impressive!


Clarence said...

Definitely love the print, and the colour is gorgeous too.

E.K. said...

#4 is dead on. Big axe to #1.

Ashford said...

1337 speak hahahhaha...
swedes are on fire this year!

laia. said...

haha Ash, w3 4r3 50 c00l!