Previously, when I wrote about the Jil Sander spring collection, I mentioned how there was a lot of detail in the back of garments and that I figured I'd had to wait until the editorials came out to fully appreciate how incredible they were. Well, thanks to the glory of THE INTERNET, I got something even better, full video of the fashion show! I am of course sharing it with you guys because I am a nice person. Just sit down with some hot chocolate and enjoy seeings things swish in and out. Very soothing.

Let me tell you something kids, I hate fringe. Truly, I see it and I go "ARRGH!", and still I've had this collection in my mind for a while now. It's just so goddamn beautiful! And the way that Raf has used it makes it go from "detail that hangs at the hem of crap to make it look cheesy" to "wonderfully draped fabric". It's just PAINFUL how good it is. I wonder how this will make its way into my wardrobe this season, but I feel like something's gotta give.

Ps. Style.com, next time that you have a collection made to be looked at as you walk away, don't waste all your "detail" pictures showing me the models' faces and their earrings. Thanks.


ipopheart said...

thanks so much for putting the video up!!!!!!! And yes...I feel completely the same way about fringe and this line is definitely a mind changer. ew. I just said mind changer. Well anyways..... so glad i ran into this!

KATLIN said...

Yeah, I wish Style.com did better detail pictures of the clothes! Jil Sander was my favorite collection, hands down this season... don't even know if his dresses will find their way down here in Hawai'i. I'm sure they'll have them somewhere that the Japanese tourists shop at. Maybe I can get one... not.

Rachel said...

I used loads of fringe for my unicorn halloween costume. It was beautiful and ever since I've been meaning to go buy more at the fabric store. Thanks for the inspiration!