Gratuitous Grohl Post

Mah man, looking sharp at the Grammys (which I watched because I wanted to see him drumming for McCartney and then got the bonus Radiohead performance which was very nice). But I digress.
And yes, his wife looks very nice.

Ps. Not bitter.
Pps. I love you Dave.


E.K. said...

Who is his wife? She seems lovely, but I'm sure you don't want to hear that.

laia. said...

Her name is Jordyn Blum, I think she used to work for MTV or something media-related. I liked it better when he was dating Melissa Auf der Maur because I think she's so rad that it seemed like the only choice better than me. HAHAHAHA.

no no no, his wife is lovely and currently preggo with their second kid i believe.

E.K. said...

I made this uncomfortable eye contact Auf der Maur one time, it was strange.

Enfievre said...

i love his wifey, but i still wish you were his wifey.