Hit me with your best shot

I'm dead.

The platforms!
The shot of yellow!
The patent leather!
The upholstery fabrics!
The awesome grotesque-ness of some!
The chic-ness of others!

I want them all.


leyandrea13 said...

love your picture-heavy NYFW coverage!
#6 gets my vote!
like how the platform is emphasized. cheers!
andrea xooxxx
Life In Technicolor

deedoubleyou said...

hey i read your blog allll the time but im a bad commenter. however i did want to say that i LOVEE your fw posts. theyre my fav and i always look forward to them. best looks and pictures and all of that.
these f'ing shoes are killlingggggg me.

E.K. said...

Why are guys shoes so boring?

sleepyhead said...

sad face @ e.k.'s comment.

proenza schouler always has amazing shoes. i still daydream about the pair of orange wedges that graced the feet of taylor tomasi.

O said...

Bottom left are heaven! Love your site! xo Olivia


Love Love Love the number one shoes...!!!!!!

dani d. said...

can i just say that these are the best shoes i have ever seen in my whole entire conscious life? the two pairs on the right with the stacked heel are literally making my mouth water.

in seeing these, i have lost all interest in my chloe pre-fall 2008 dream shoes:


Lauren said...

Man I love these shoes so much too!

x x x