London Fall 09: Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is officially in my favorite designers list. I mean, I think he's been there for a while, but I think this selection plants him firmly in the hall of fame. I love love love love love love love him.

The whole collection featured sheer fabrics with contrasting stripes marking seams, edges, or simply creating a design. Just like a drawing made with a sharpie. I really love the bra-thing that's under the bodice of this dress, it's so incongruous its perfect.

I love the contrast of the feminine, sheer pieces with chunky manshoes and sober sweater. The ruffle edges look like they exist by themselves!

Always a sucker for an optical illusion dress.

Also always a sucker for a dress with trompe l'oeil details.

Awesome sleeves.

Love the change of direction of the stripes on the sleeves.

I think this one might be my favorite dress of the collection for sure. Love the cap sleeves, the magical floating ruffles at the bottom, and the cellphone bar action going on in the vertical stripes.

Or is this one my favorite?
how does he do it?

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readysetfashion said...

I had a hard time deciding on a fav between the last 2 too! uhg, i still can't decide.....