London Fall 09 I

1. Jaeger London:
Killer coat and boots.

2. Aquascutum:
The fabric used in this dress is just lovely. It feels homey and antique and super-loved. I love the way its combined with pirate brown leather gloves and a crazy fur blob. It makes it all very "crazy-lady-next-door".

And speaking of "crazy-lady-next-door", here's a raincoat with some lace doilies stuck around the shoulder.

3. Armand Basi One:
Easy two-tomed t-shirt dress with creepers. There's no way you can go wrong in it.

4. Nathan Jenden:

5. Richard Nicoll:
I found this collection to be very soothing in every aspect, the shapes, the colors, the silhouettes. This is very delicate and subtle and makes me think not of fall, but of a spring day spent at an outdoor cafe eating delicious food, reading a book and people watching. I love the half-circle cutout on the front of the skirt, it's very unexpected.

So in love with this. The shine of the dress goes perfect with the matte nude faux-shirt shrug.


me melodia said...

that paper cutout dress made me scream.

Kate said...

I think I might die if I don't get a lacy raincoat soon…

missy-j said...

hi, I just stumbled on to your blog. I noticed you made a prediction in an earlier post:


that Tilda Swinton would wear the Lanvin dress one day, and I realise that your prediction was actually right!


She wore it to the Oscars this year!