London Fall 09 III

1. Peter Pilotto:
I love that so many designers this season have taken inspiration from nature and can produce such amazing garments. I feel like I'm watching some insane nature documentary on PBS when I look at this dress. The skirt feels like FIRE complete with movement and different levels of heat. It's quite amazing really.

2. Meadham Kirchoff:
I love these sweaters that seem to have a life of their own. One with an extra flap that just hangs out there like it's no biggie, and the other one gets taken over by a dark shadow of plants. A+

3. Mary Katrantzou:
Mary Katrantzou used stylized perfume bottles as prints for her collection, and let's face it, that's pretty rad right there. This one was my favorite because through the use of OpTiCaL iLlUsIoN (omg!) she created this CRAZY hourglass silhouette that is most certainly not human. The makeup for sure helps the otherworldly feel.

4. Josh Goot:
I love a good colorblocking and this collection surely had it in spades. A little reminiscent of Gareth Pugh's spring collection, but that's bound to happen if you do black and white graphic malarkies. The subtle change in the shirt is one of my favorite elements, it looks like it's really soft and super comfortable.

Awesome dress. Also awesome? Two-toned booties!!

The best thing about this dress is that when I came across the picture I thought maybe the screen on my computer was screwed up, or maybe the resolution of the picture wasn't up to par, but it's just the print!!! OH GOD SO GOOD. I need this dress.

5. Julien Macdonald:
Making holes look like outer space. God, you know I'd love this. I would probably wear this as a tunic though, I'm not ready to start my street-walking career.

This is not really my style, but it just seems so GRAND and larger than life that I had to post it here. That Karlie sure is becoming a WO-MAN (is that creepy?). She is rocking the hell out of this outfit. Go big or go home, I guess.


Savile said...

number 3 is scary cool. I just get this wierd feeling when i look at it. couture but scary

Rosé Ghislain Magritte said...

Am kind of only OBSESSED with Josh Goot.

Anonymous said...

loved london this season


Anna G said...

I love #3!!! So freaking rad.

emilie said...

you have such a pretty blog and wonderfully lovely and charming insight

thank you!

Anonymous said...

#3 kind of freaked me out when I first saw it, in the best possible way. I love your reviews, I think London has been really good this season.

Anonymous said...

wow i hadnt seen the Mary Katrantzou and I absolutely love that look from it. The perfume bottle idea is ingenious. I better go look at the rest of the collection..

Elana said...

I am so in love with Josh Goot and Julien Macdonald! ...not that I'm a street walker either... of course not.. :P
great blog! I really love your runway reviews

laia. said...

thanks everyone!