Milan Fall 09: Missoni

Missoni delivered an incredibly cozy and cool collection for fall. It has a very organic and unfussy feel, which if I was gonna go all "real fashion" on you and maybe talked about it being a reflection of these economic times, I'd say something like it makes perfect sense to make clothes that are the equivalent of staying in bed and not facing the real world until it gets better. (Woah that was a long sentence!) It's all about secret luxury.

Everything in here goes SO well together. The extra scrunchy knit leggings are the perfect base to layer over. The exaggerated cowl neck dress is both "comfort clothing" and sexy somehow.
(Also I wish my hair could look like that).

Aren't these peach tones just so great? All the scarves create such a light, but surely warm situation.

The trousers with banded cuffs have the perfect fit and the cape with matching lining is the right amount of crazy.

This is my favorite look from the collection.
The grungy but girly striped sweater.
The oversized cream sweater hood.
The perfectly baggy shorts worn with dusty brown leggings.
I mean, how could I not love it?

And then this little super open-weave dress appears and all hell breaks loose. This is just SO cool and chic and like "dude whatever I'm not even thinking about it". LOOOVE.

Superhero pumps with futuristic high backs.
Like a moth to a flame.


Annie said...

I loved the Missoni collection as well! Just posted about it, in fact, and I love the looks you posted. You're right, it's very unfussy and cozy and wearable.


kiki said...

oh the bow-tie is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit...love

kiki said...

yess!! i loved missoni too......stand out for me so far from ny and london....

ipopheart said...

I love all of the loverly toning put together.
It absolutely just oozes with a gorgeous ora....

E.K. said...

The colors are nice. I'd like to see less black in general.

Elana said...

love love love the missoni collection, it is impossible for me to choose a favorite look. and THE SHOES! must have now. :D

emily said...

Missoni so so so beautiful for AW x x