NYC Fall 09: Calvin Klein

Francisco Costa delivered another flawless Calvin Klein collection. It was equal amounts of organic and fastidious minimalism, which made for a perfectly Klein-ish collection.

My favorite thing about this dress is the way the corners hang down at the sides. It makes it seem like a single layer of paper that's been folded with itself. It's very stiff but not like an armor. I love the futuristic detail on the fabric as well.

Holes in your tights and sweaters give way to holes in your dresses. I really loved these. They are so elegant yet obviously carefree. The first one is my favorite because of a) the asymmetric sleeves and b) because it makes me think that a little kid colored the dress in with a crayon and forgot to cover all the spaces evenly. cool cool cool.

I think this fabric is aces and I love that it has so many disheveled edges, like she just threw a piece of fabric over her shoulders and cut it up on a whim.


I'm a sucker for mary-janes, especially these chunky ones with that ball hanging out in the heel.

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white lightning said...

damn that shoe is loco.