NYC Fall 09: Derek Lam

Derek Lam made a really great collection this season. It was grownup, glamorous and powerful. I feel like this is what Donna Karan's fall collection could've looked like, if she hadn't been lost in an abyss of 80's craptacularness rehash. The tan and brown combination that looked so rad at Proenza Schouler, pops up here again in the classic trench with an insane fur stole thrown over the shoulders like it's no big deal.

More fur! Not that I'm into fur or anything, but I can enjoy it when it makes sense in a collection, and I think it certainly did here. What I like the most is the graphic print two-toned dress.

The trench with contrast, oversized lapels screams "I AM A FUCKING WOMAN ON THE GO" which I just love. The off white belted wrap dress (with matching accessories, of course) worn under it is so sexy, and is taunting everyone else. "You think I'm hot now? Just imagine what I look like without the trench." Ooh.

The asymmetric sleeve trend continues, this time in gold sequins and of course I love it. It's the perfect addition to the expertly draped little black dress.

Pretty much sex on legs, right?

I really have a thing for snakeskin now, and I love the way these tie in the back. So good!

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tanya said...

that trench and that draped Mocha dress...I'm in heaven!!! just GORGEOUS.