NYC Fall 09 I

1. Jenni Kayne:
Dudes, check out the leather pants. So wrong. So deliciously wrong. The silk batwing button down is killer too, love the combo of hard and soft.

Another awesome, easy look. I think the cool thing about this collection is that it's full of great, sort of modified-basics, that serve as a great inspiration to style items you probably have in your closet already.

2. TSE:
What is going on here? Why am I so attracted to it?

3. Peter Som:

Can you believe this is Peter Som? LOVE IT!


E.K. said...

Dee-Lite always puts a smile on my face!

LECH. said...

TSE (L)!

peter, not so much.

E.K. said...

Ha! I'm not sure if anyone really thinks Blow-Up is well done, yet we all love it! I think we've all romanticized it.

Pixienish said...

God i love the draping at TSE. Your header is awesome :) Happy Valentines!

hazel said...

groove is in the heart is damn right!
oh my god i had no idea that was Peter Som. CRAZY.

it's like Peter Som...if Peter took some acid right before designing...