NYC Fall 09 III

1. Cushnie et Ochs:
I am 100% in love with Cushnie et Ochs. Their collection was powerful and sexy and a little bit dangerous, oh! Listen kids, I am not a fan of the exposed midriff. Leave that shit for the Britneys and Madonnas of the world, but, BUT, if you are going to do it. You gotta go the old-school way and do the ribcage. No belly button, no waist, just like 4 inches of skin between your boobs and your waist. Strangely alluring and somewhat provocative with absolutely NO risk of thong/asscrack exposure in the back. Sheer shirt optional, of course, although I'm really into the asymmetric sleeves.

Stirrup pants. One glittered sleeve. Cutouts at shoulder. Yes.

Dudes, are you seeing this jacket? Do you see that nip-slip? I wish I could see Helmut Newton photographs of this stuff. I can only imagine the awesomeness they would be....

2. Staerk:
This trenchcoat is awesome. Classic tweed made edgier by the leather insets and the super cool claw pin by japanese designer Shinji Nakaba. Also, stirrup pants.

I still adhere to my rule of "leggings aren't pants", however I would assume that stirrup leggings would take away the dangers of cameltoe so I'm ok with this. The sleeveless top with the lace inset is making me hyperventilate. It seems I'm still not over the lace crush.

3. Rag & Bone:
I love everything about this and would wear this exactly like it' shows here without any changes. What is it about leather that can make everything look so good? The peacoat is also super cool.

I love this suit although I find the way the pants fit her off-putting. Slinky tapered trousers are a definite go!

4. Costello Tagliapietra:
Love the brick color and the subtle draping throughout.

I wish she wasn't wearing a necklace because I think it ruins the sweet colorblocking going on with this dress. I've always loved cream and white although I never, ever wear it because I'm not dainty enough and they don't make jumbo size Tide pens.

5. Jason Wu:
Lovely print on a lovely dress. Reminds me of peacock feathers I think.
(Karlie Kloss looks more grownup, non?)

I thought the Wu show had a couple Lanvin-esque moments, this one was the least bad of them, though I still like it. Baby blue structured shoulders are perfect.


Lily said...

That Rag & Bone ensemble is perfect.

Luce said...

I thought that Staerk and Rag and Bone had some seriously awesome looks going on! I think i'm a sucker for lace too...

KATLIN said...

Oooh that's who made Staerk's jewelry? I really loved that claw one you posted. How do you find those things out? I always wish they included who did their shoes and accessories!