NYC Fall 09 IV

1. Hutson:
Obedient Sons & Daughters is no more, and now we have Hutson. I like Hutson.
For example, these are 100% perfect ruffles. And check out those heels!

Although I know those pants would look ridiculous on me, I think this is just so cool. The color palette is everything I love.

2. Elise Overland:
Crazy biker vest and quasi-legging-pants are just too rad. I love those pants. should I just start buying leggings a couple sizes up? Then it's alright, right?

My favorite thing about this dress is the little black collar. It's a sweet little moment happening there.

3. Ruffian:
I don't really like all of this, but I like what it's suggesting. I love the full body lace catsuit and the super cool cream lace skirt. I don't think they go too well together, but I also think it looks good! ACK!
(As you'll notice, I make no mention of that blouse.)

4. United Bamboo:
Yay! Great classic tan trenchcoat over a boldly printed dress. How could you go wrong?

I'm sure y'all know that I am a sucker for mix-n-match prints and textures. I love the pieces separately, but together they're really something else.
(Oh and that necklace? GOOD GRIEF OF RAD!)

5. Karen Walker:
Uhh... yeah, need this.

1. Check out those shoulders!
2. OMG, the bottom zips off?


E.K. said...

I love those Hutson ruffles!

``````````````````````` said...

There is nothing remotely interesting or new here, it all looks like it comes from london catwalks about 8 seasons ago.

E.K. said...

Hey lady! I made a tag game on my blog and tagged you, it should be fun.

Alice X said...

lOOVED karen walker, nice picks!


Anonymous said...

ha! to the London comment.......
Other than Louise Goldin and Christopher Kane, how about London looking like the runways from last seasons NYC, Paris and Milan?
I think that is probably closer to the truth.