NYC Fall 09 IX

1. Douglas Hannant:
I'm not usually interested in Douglas Hannant' collections, since they're usually red carpet malarkies, but I really like this little ensemble. My love for neon yellow and grey has been well documented here, and this is no exception. All you need to do is bring the hem up a couple of inches and switch the sheer hose and peeptoes, for opaque tights and crazy booties and you got yourself a par-tay.

2. Kai Kuhne:
This feels very classic, I love the mix of textures and the patterns here.

3. Malandrino:
A little quirky and a little sexy. I only wish that the sheer sleeves ended with the feather detail thingamabob.

4. Julian Louie:
I quite liked this collection. It was futuristic but also a little old-timey. I say old-timey because it's mostly a feeling of antiquity and "lost-&-found-ness" that is quite rad. I think the immediate comparisons will be to Balenciaga, but I find myself thinking of Hussein Chalayan when I see the last two looks. I love the colors he used throughout and his sense of layering to tell a story. The contrast in the second look between the quasi-military tailored jacket over the ruffly blue dress is especially nice. I'm really psyched on this designer, I think/hope that he'll do great things in the future.

5. Isaac Mizrahi:

6. Michael Kors:
Oh shit son, Michael Kors delivering the uber sexy. I am insanely in love with this cutout jacket, though I'd much rather wear it with jeans than a skirt with a slit up to there.

The nude and neon shoes, are also awesome. I hope I can get these!

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E.K. said...

Cool shoes!