NYC Fall 09: Jonathan Saunders

For fall, Jonathan Saunders had a singular vision for women to wear short, metallic, brightly colored dresses. I think it's a great one.

I love the way the lil' poncho adds an extra layer of color and pattern to the look. It creates such wonderful structured shoulders.

If there is one thing that don' fly with me, it's mandarin collar dresses. This dress feels like a modern interpretation of one, and I think I could be able to wear it. The triangle "keyhole", is such a cool shape.

Dresses that have prints that seem to be in motion always get to me. This one reminds me of the ocean furiously crashing against a reef and creating beautiful patterns in the fizz. There is also some subtle volume in the dress that I think is perfectly "camouflaged" by the pattern in the dress and I always love when that synergy happens.

Another bold, structured shoulder. This one feels especially futuristic.

Delicate ruffles bring a softer side to the first dress that opened the show. But notice that the lil' cape seems to be looser and the sleeves are tighter, which I definitely prefer.

This dress is super rad, and as a leftover from my days as an "alternative" kid (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), I always love layering short tees over long ones*. Gold dresses for everyone!

*Yeah, I know, that's like standard fare over here, but you know, growing up in PR I never really had a necessity to wear to t-shirts at once because it was never COLD. But I was like so grunge man! Or something...


Tavi said...

TEES OVER LONGSLEEVES FTW!! In third grade I did that along with wearing skirts over flared jeans. Oh god, I don't want to talk about it.
I liked Jonathan Saunders, if a little too cohesive, knowwhatimean? Not my favorite from him by any means but some great pieces for sure.

(I used to make out with) VÉ‘le (: said...

I miss the million color dresses so baaaad