NYC Fall 09: Marc Motherfuckin' Jacobs

#1 The sweater is insanely rad. I love the exposed shoulder and the weirdo "faux-attached" seams that you can loop shit through.
#2 Leggingspats! I am not into spats the way some kids have been wearing them lately, but if they come "attached" to crazy floral print leggings, you bet I'm game.
#3 Always down for opera-length leather gloves scrunched down and worn with something sporty.

Skirt with random zippers: YES YES YES. Notice the scarf looped through the v-neck seam. Oooh...

New romantic! Love the crazy trapezoid shoulders and the lil' bow. Also really digging the yellow details.

All I need are sequins and a voluminous striped skirt to be happy.

I am not a big fan of velvet, yet for some reason everytime Marc does something with it, I end up falling in love. I'm sure this dress will be all over the place come fall.


This felt a little out of place, but who the hell cares when it's so cool? Cape and matching turban somehow feel exactly right and very very chic.
The purple suede thigh high boots are obviously, incredible.

This is crazy, but man when it's freezing out,I'd love to walk around in an oversized neon pink coat. I especially love the hood.

I would wear this under my bright pink coat, of course, because I am a LADY.

I'd really love to try to wear one print all over. It's so nuts. The yellow and the blue coat look really good together too. It makes me happy.

Perfectly slouchy leather pants. I'm sensing the beginning of an obsession that shall never be fulfilled...

The accessories were also super rad. I'd love to have one of his printed, quilted bags, it would just be too much. The shoes were INSANE dudes, unfortch, I could not find any other pictures that did them justice. But trust me, total epicness.



Ashford said...

that leather pants get up should go in an audrey/breakfast at tiffany's remake

white lightning said...

yaah dude, we basically loved the same stuff. those pants are sick, i will admit. leather pleated carrot shapes, bonkz.

E.K. said...

Your post made me laugh!

Uvita V. de las Tinieblas said...

fall should be all the time.
I love the david-bowie-esque-blouse <3