NYC Fall 09: Preen

Just another awesome collection from Justin and Thea at Preen, no big whoop.

The patchwork print on this dress reminds me of the kind of doodles I used to do on notebooks when I was still in school. I know that it's only one step above the House of Holland dress that MIA wore to the Grammys which I thought ridiculous when it came down the runway, but I guess that's enough for me to love it.

Ok, more crazy prints in a simple short shift. Love it.

Sexy and a little ridiculous, just the way I like it.

These plastic pants remind me of one of my most favorite Vogue editorials of all time. It was the June 1995 issue and it featured Shalom, shot by Herb Ritts, frolicking on a boat wearing various shades of pink. In my favorite shot, she sits on a bench with her hands on her face to shield her from the sun, wearing pink plastic pants and these pink faux-bra sticker things on her boobs. It sounds nuts, but trust me, its awesome. One day I will find this editorial again and we will all swoon about it. THAT WAS A TANGENT. Bottomline is I love this because it's nuts.

And now they take the dress to ANOTHER LEVEL and now it is even more awesome.
I can't stop looking at it.


E.K. said...

I like this collection, especially the black mesh dress, crazy.

white lightning said...

ohh GOD i have to look at this whole collection, its dreamy