NYC Fall 09: Rodarte

I don't know how Kate and Laura do it. This collection was out of control and insanely awesome. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at the studio and get to see how these pieces are created.

The textures they created were so insanely rad. I love the new short silhouette. And although comparisons to Balenciaga arose from this show, I think the final product is 100% Rodarte.

So they've gone and created another must-have knit. This one feels very pre-historic.

I don't think I've ever seen "patchwork" that looks this cool. I love their idea of creating aaa "new skin" out of all of these different materials. Actually, that is one of my favorite things about them, how their inspiration is never obviously reflected in the clothes. They seem to be able to just extract a feeling, hone in on that, and just make dreams come true. This season Frankenstein was one of the inspirations. yet this collection is hardly Halloween stuff.

I love the details on the top and the color/texture they achieved on the skirt.

This one reminds me of the earth opening up during a volcanic eruption.

How wonderful does this shot of green feel in the pieces all of a sudden? The last couple of looks were my most favorite, they just feel so fresh and organic.

Emerald skirt!

This one seems to appear from nowhere and blend into her skin and her boots. It's the perfect second skin.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rodarte pretty much blew me away as well-- I was gaping at my computer screen! I would kill to wear one of those dresses. Also, I was wondering if you had looked at the necklaces in the detail shots for Doo.Ri . . . or perhaps knew who made them/where to buy them?

jen said...

I LOVE your observation about the volcanic eruption. I saw it as soon as I read your description.

I love those boots.

readysetfashion said...

yep, the emerald sealed the deal. what a shade, what a shade.....sigh

angiesyounglover said...

the boots are very Waterworld