NYC Fall 09 VII

1. Trovata:
I've always loved a bit of androgyny and la garconne-ness in my life, and these two looks are just right on the money. I love the delicate layering in the second look, the suspenders somehow seem precious (and I'm now a suspenders-kinda-gal). The mis-buttoned cardigan in the first look is fresh and I love the angles it creates.

2. Behnaz Sarafpour:
I like this dress because the print reminded me to the metal lids/doors(?) that cover the stairs going to the basement in many a NYC-barfront. The ones I'm always afraid will one day be broken and will make me fall and break my back in a hilarious but painful accident.


3. Matthew Williamson:
Cool print, you know, the kinda thing that Matthew does.

Decadent! The colors are really amazing, and sure, who doesn't love a short and sparkly dress? The real winner here is the coat though, have you ever seen something so cool? I love brown and blue and this is possibly my favorite way that I've seen it done.

4. Chris Benz:
This is just perfectly executed.

This image isn't here because I liked the coat, but because I loved the way the lil' mustard stripe on the leggings echoed the mustard hat. Another really sweet moment.

I hope that coat is fur, because if I was to have a fur, I'd sure as hell want it to have three stripes of primary colors going across the chest. SO COOL.

5. Max Azria:
You guys know I love me a crazy geometric pattern and this one doesn't dissappoint. It's very edgy you know... haha.

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

soo many hearts for benzo!! his palette is perfection personified!

p.s. are you free sunday to come to a clothes swap/sale at mine?
email me at louise.sturges@gmail if you wanna come!