NYC Fall 09: VIII

1. Proenza Schouler:
I've always loved the way Jack and Lazaro do this power-Joan of Arc-silhouette. The coat is really really good and I love the black insets, which are mirrored on whatever it is that's going on under it. It's such a small detail, but it breaks up the look in a more interesting way. Tan, black and grey are SO good together.

Dudes, I'm digging on the shorts over tights malarky SO HARD. I've been wearing it a lot lately becase I'm freaking tired of winter and wearing shorts makes it seem like maybe I'm not really wearing that many layers. I love the leather shorts in the first look (leather shorts seem to be one of the trends this season), because there is something off about rolled-up leather bermudas. It's kinda geeky if you think about it. The slight hourglass silhouette of the coat is soo subtle and killer.

The tweed version is FANTASTIC! I also love that it's almost monochromatic. The slight variations and shade feel more exciting than if every piece was a different color.

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim:
Breakaway/zip-off coats are ALWAYS cool in my book. This one is very elegant.

The color combination is here is so insanely weird but awesome. That pink and brown mustard seem to be at odds with each other, but they also feel right. I am trying to figure out my feelings on the cropped, slightly-bootcut pants which I hated at Chloe last spring. I think these are just cut in a cooler, more fitted way and that's why I like them. Not that I think I could wear them, everytime I've tried on a similar cropped style I end up feeling like the pants look like they're too small for me.

Very, very hip, yaknowwhatimean? Long t-shirt dress, tights and a gold sequin jacket. So careless, but like, whatever man, it looks cool.

3. Alexandre Herchcovitch:
Explosion of insane! The flower(?) print jacket is so over the top, it's magical. Then you have the gold and black striped shiny malarky and it's all just bananas enough to work together. I love the matching necklace and hat, I want to have some matching pieces in my wardrobe, tights and a dress, shirt and a hat, just something, but it seems very unlikely.

Sheer sequin gloves are so cool even if from afar you risk looking like you have some kind of growths on your arm. I think this is a top with a skirt over another skirt, and I really like the way the black breaks everything up, it's still very LOOK AT ME, but not as madcap as the previous look. The ruffle details are rad too.

4. Doo.Ri:
This coat is so beautiful! It's almost too precious, but I think if you swapped the skirt under it for leather shorts, it would be totally rad and kind of...defiant? Obviously obsessed with the tights.

So, I find myself using the word beautiful again to describe this dress, but I can't help it. I think Doo.Ri makes beautiful clothes and this dress feels so special. The volume blooming from the neck looks like it's floating, and the flower illustration on the bodice seems to be hand-drawn with pen and ink. It's sort of "edgy" (god, I feel like a loser everytime I use that word, but you know what I mean, hopefully) and looks killer with those bejeweled tights. In my head, though the dress would for sure be worn with Docs.

5. Richard Chai:
I LOVE these pants. What a cool, manly, slouchy fit.

The jacket is insane! Fur and sequins! Take your subtleties and shove it!
(Oh and layered over a sheer shirt? MADNESS)


E.K. said...

That white Doo.Ri dress is insanely beautiful. I love it!

tanya said...

Oh my goodness-I'm just in love with Doo.Ri's line this season...just exquisitely beautiful!


I heart the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection, sure he never breaks my heart:D