On Pol Chambost

Surprisingly enough, there is not a lot of available information on the internet about Pol Chambost, the inspiration for Jil Sander's upcoming fall collection. All I've gathered so far is that he was born in 1906, studied pottery at L'Ecole des Arts Appliques de Paris, had some of his pieces featured in the Jacques Tati film Mon Oncle* and died in 1983. I did find pictures of his pieces, and let's face it, that's what matters anyways. After seeing them, Raf Simon's awesome work took on another level entirely. He just has such an amazing brain.

*I've never seen Mon Oncle, but Playtime, another of Tati's film is absolutely incredible and I'll probably write a proper post about it pretty soon.

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Chantilly Bass said...

Thanks for this post. I love seeing the inspiration for her amazing work!