Pre Fall 09: I'm pretty sure this is the last one...

1. Miu Miu:
So I really don't know what's going on here? It's sort of monastic and pilgrim-ish at the same time but I love it. It makes me a little uncomfortable, and I love it. (Note awesome vaguely O'Keeffe skirt action going on...)

This is also has the feeling of awkwardness, but in a more regal manner. Like a young court girl who is being forced to be more womanly quicker so she can be married off to a king or something. It has a slight tomboy feel that just gives it a weird edge.

2. Prada:
And speaking of royal shit, how INCREDIBLE is this? That magical neck-bow is the coolest thing ever. I want to see someone wearing this while shopping at Trader Joe's.

This suit is so slick and minimal but it feels very modern. The pants are perfect.

3. Antonio Berardi:


I love how the coat and the layering on the sleeves break everything up and make her arms look like they're separated from her upper body. It has beautiful volume.

This blouse looks like ripples in the water!
(And makes a ridiculously awesome silhouette).

4. Sonia Rykiel:
I need this blouse. I need this blouse. I need this blouse.

5. Stella McCartney:

Dudes! So good. The fabric, the shape. It's weird and a little chic and maybe even secretly sexy.


E.K. said...

That Prada dress is the shizzz!

LECH. said...

Like them all but Stella's.
The third of Antonios is ohmyy.