Sunday Jam: Perennial Favorite

Enon - Daughter in the House of Fools

My favorite part is when that dirty distortion kicks in.

Ps. Hocus Pocus, the record this song is on, is a really good record and I highly recommend it.


E.K. said...

She was in Blonde Redhead for a bit. I like this song, I've never really stopped to listen to them..thanks.

jen said...

It is folks from Blonde Redhead and Brainiac

Josh said...

Their record from last years, Grass Geysers and Carbon Clouds, was insanely underrated! I saw them in London playing to about 25 people, and they'd totally revamped their sound. It was raging, take-no-prisoners punk with fewer poppy hooks. But it really worked. That's what the record sounds like...didn't make a single Best-Of, but should have.