The Curious Case of Louis Vuitton

Marc, honey, let's talk about this.
What happened dude? Why does Magdalena Frackowiak look like the back page of the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog? I mean, dude, I'm all for a bit of ugly and whatnot, but this shit is out of control!

And then this whole other mass of crap came out? What's going on with those leather pants from Chico's? And that green scrunchy suit from the Sears ladies' department? I love me an oversized sweater in an insane shade of blue and you know this, but why did you pair it with a cooter-curtain skirt?

I was on the fence about this look Stam is sporting, but the shiny sleeves cris-crossing at the neck creating some sweetheart keyhole were just too much too handle. It's like an ice skating costume for Old! French! Whores! And the bell bottoms you put on Raquel? The CROPPED bell bottoms that have their own PETTICOAT?? Dear Jesus, hold me.

I did not even like the shoes!! Can you believe this? NUTS

But then... there was all of this AWESOME stuff that I LOVED!

Yeah crazy sheer fabric layering party! The skirt is awesome and the neck ruff on the shirt is out of control! Obviously best shade of blue ever.

The volume on this jacket/dress is perfect. The shoulders look like those pre-made bows you stick on presents, which is only made better by the GIANT ribbon tied around the waist. Oh so so good. Of course, I immediately fell in love with the sheer blouse with black piping. Just look at those sleeves! See-through volume. Get into it dudes.

Neon and nude always looks good together. That second look is pure unabashed femininity and I love it.

Crazy jumbly neon flower print dress with nuts shoulders is obviously good. The leggings are kinda distracting me, but that's not to say that I don't love them too. And when you put those crazy shoulders on a metallic silver top, you're obviously going to win my heart. The raspberry color of the skirt is so rad and I'm even loving the crazy volume on the hips. So futuristic and so now and so cool.

So the shoes didn't work out, but there was so much rad happening above the neck, that it doesn't even matter. Sasha in a crazy head apparatus! And all of these awesome paper craft necklaces (that I'm sure are made of real materials that cost lots of monieesss) are too cool for school. Really. Will look into a diy of this malarky ASAP. I'm sure I can figure something out.

So what gives Marc? Split personalities?
(Thank god for the awesome stuff because I'll be honest, that opening look of Natasha Poly in the lace boob-server almost made me hurl).


Anonymous said...

i agree with you on all points and especially loved the blue and orange printed number. BAM!

white lightning said...

the shoes and bags left me cold. blah.

the necklaces and headthings ohhhhh.

and most of the looks, my gawwwd

that porno first look was thumbs down tho

Ashford said...

LOL'D hard about chico's leathuh pants and cooter-curtains.

There were def some really amazing elements that didn't seem to come together just right.
and something rather whorish (and not in the good way) about the whole show.

I despise those thigh high leather boots. But I'm kind of digging the cropped bell bottoms!

Anonymous said...

It's not Natasha Poly, but Magdalena Frackowiak (:

laia. said...

oh shit you are right!
i wasnt sure but i was too lazy to go back to style.com and double check on it haha
god im terrible sometimes.

Rollergirl said...

Agree with all your comments, so funny! Until I saw this post I only saw the rubbishy bits and wondered why everyone was gushing. I still don't love it though.

cake. said...

"Crazy jumbly neon flower print dress with nuts shoulders is obviously good."

this is such a stupendous sentence!