From the Vault: Prada at the beach

The spring 2001 Prada is one of my all-time favorite ad campaigns. Everyone looks so natural yet posed at the same time and it's kind of creepy and awesome. I wouldn't mind having nice prints of these up on my wall.

Ps. So this group of pictures got me thinking about the all the awesome fashion of 2001 and I decided to go through the Style.com's archives and look at all my favorite collections from then. And since I have SO much time on my hands now, I've decided to dedicate this week to all of those "almost-vintage" collections. I think it'll be a swell time.


Cassiopeia said...

the colours in that second pic are Amazing! such beautiful, washed out photos... yum. wish i had time on my hands to indulge. sigh.



readysetfashion said...

awesome! one of my favorite seasons too. boy, did i copy this look to death (who, am i kidding, i still do). it captures a truly stylish summer look!