I <3 Caycee Black

I am so in love with the pieces from Caycee Black's first collection (and not just because she is my friend). On Tuesday night she had a super rad cocktail party where we got to see the collection while dishing on delicious pastries and wine (which, if you follow me on Twitter is the reason why i was d-r-u-n-k!). The silhouettes are incredibly feminine and her prints have an amazing handmade quality that gives them a beautiful romantic feeling. This ruffled dress is for sure one of the stand-out pieces from the collection and I love that even though it is girly, the print gives it an air of mystery.

This dress was my favorite from the collection. The beautiful abstracted tree-print has a gorgeous shade of teal that's not very noticeable here (but you can see in the last picture), but it's the perfect shade to uphold the mysterious, sophisticated vibe that runs through the whole collection. It's a really easy piece to wear, since it looks like a top worn with a pencil skirt, and you can really play off that to dress it up or down.

But it's not all frills and girly at Casa de Caycee, no, and she offers these super rad boyish pieces that would just fit right in in any cool girl's closet. A cropped tuxedo jacket and perfectly slouchy high-waist trousers make the perfect modern suit. And when you pair those with a super cool button-down blouse with pleats and bow-tie detail in the most INSANE shade of gunmetal grey, then you know that man, we're not in Kansas anymore. (The blouse was too rad for me to handle and as such, it's coming home with me in the fall. SO.PSYCHED!)

So I'm pretty sure this is the coolest sweater ever. The sleeves have the perfect slouch and the back has a beautiful deep scoopneck that is probably the closest you can come to being a ballerina in real life without walking around in a leotard and tutu (ballet was one of the inspirations for this collection, and as a frustrated ballerina, I couldn't think of anything better). Plus it is SO soft and already feels like it's your favorite sweater from forever. This will also be mine come Fall (what? I'm only human, doodz).

The same gunmetal grey shirt from above, is also available in white with the black bowtie, which is sooo cute, especially when paired with awesome satin bubble shorts! Very cheeky garconne.

I know I already said that I loved all the dresses and that the others were my favorite and whatnot, but this one is truly a gem. It's just the perfect little black dress with this awesome drape that falls from an exquisitely shirred shoulder. So so so so so so chic, and look at the perfect length of that sleeve! Swooon.

Here's all the fabulous girls at Caycee's party on Tuesday. You can see the colors on the "tree print" a lot better here. Caycee is right in the middle, looking totally awesome. Don't you just love her already?

For more info about Caycee Black's super collection, you can contact Juju The Showroom.


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

What a beautiful collection. I love the first dress and the abstract prints!


E.K. said...

Wow, you have very talented friends! So did she surprise you with the blouse from her collection or did you buy it?

laia. said...

no gifts! you have to support your friends when they are starting out ;)

E.K. said...

I couldn't agree more! I always buy my friends music, art, etc. If only they'd return the favor! Ha! All my friends have grown to expect me to give them free copies of every record I make.

nadarine said...

You know the most wonderful people, Laia.

Jen said...

I was interested in the sweater and the last dress but the link provided at the bottom for more info did not work for me.

angiesyounglover said...

you're so fuckin chic, i wish i was chic. but i'm a creep. i'm a weirdo.

Vintage Tea said...

I love this look

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amelie said...

It's breathtaking! I really like this, the color palette is lovely.