Milan Fall 09 II

1. Versace:
Nice simple dress in a beautiful, bright orange. Can't go wrong.

2. Dolce & Gabbana:
Kinda ridiculous and made for a doll, but still awesome. I love the fishnet pring and exaggerated shoulders.

Clashing graphic leopard prints in different scales are totally rad. At the very least, I'd like to own the top with the crazy sleeves and wear it with jeans. I would also like the humongous bow on the head, you know, to balance out the sleeves.

I need to find another shot of the ones on the right, I can't even wrap my head about how awesome they really are.

3. Fendi:
The first thing that attracted me to this was the mix of textures and materials, but I think I also dig it because it's styled in a fairly real life way. It's got a very luxe casual vibe.

4. Pollini:
Love the print on this dress because it looks like it's coming at you. Love the shade of electric blue.

And matching awesome shoes, of course.

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Enfievre said...

digging the fendi