Milan Fall 09: Marni

The Marni show was AWESOME! Tons of amazing great prints and colors with super big bejeweled neck pieces. Basically everything you'd ever want to wear ever.

There aren't many instances that I see something come down the runway and think that something is "so me", but this IS so me. The colors are super cool and it looks kind of awkward but it works somehow. I am pretending that Freja is wearing a skirt and not weird bermuda pants that are totally icky.

The "washed-out cement" print in this dress is really cool and I just love the pairing of it with crazy black and turquoise tights and shoes with white piping. Very "whatever dude, I look good deal with it".

Crazy Gramma Look!!! YESS. The mix of prints and textures here are insanely cool and made better by the fact that they all have some of that wonderful mustard color in them. Love the slouchy tapered fit of the pants with front zipper at the ankles!

Beautiful wallpaper brocade dress with built-in kitschy flower poncho and crazy huge necklace. I mean, how can you NOT dig this?

The colors on this are so RICH! And again, the crazy tights elevate this to another level.

The crazy tights were one of my favorite things about this collection, especially when paired with such a crazy swirly shoe that's super graphic on its own, like the one on the left.


mode-ulation said...

I love this show...Marni has got such elegant style, and the tights are beautiful I agree! You have a wonderful blog, would you like to exchange links?

deedoubleyou said...

ohh this is wonderful!! amazinggg. love it. marni is always good though. such good prints and necklaces :)

Cassiopeia said...

Great! Loving the first outfit and the shoes especially. Thanks! Xxxc

-h. said...

i <3 marni.
i also love those shoes.

jen said...

I think I would wear those shoes every day if I owned them - fabulous!

Enfievre said...

marni is always a fave of mine. some think its too granny, but i love. always.