Milan Fall 09: Prada

While the shoes at Prada were clearly the awesomest thing ever, the ready to wear collection was great in itself. I would describe it as conservative but daring, austere but quietly luxurious. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I think once you see the clothes it'll all click.

I love this deep-v schoolgirl jumper silhouette. The red "top" under it adds the right amount of sex appeal.

These crotch-high high heeled wellies are totally nuts, especially when paired with an oversized wool jacket and wool hot pants. LOVE.

The main silhouette at the show was a sort of "sloppy hourglass", enhanced by thin leather belts and an oversized fit above the waist. The addition of a backflap makes it look a little nuts (and a little nuts is always good).

My favorite thing about this deep-v silhouette is that it reminds me of ballerinas. In fact, I think this is a leotard, which makes it even cooler. The leather strips skirt is INSANE! The color palette here also adds another level of dose. Dusty pink with a vibrant aged red, like they belong to an old warrior and were recently found in a wooden chest in an attic somewhere.

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Ashford said...

prada was the first label I ever fell in love with, probably 10 years ago.