Paris Fall 09: Alexander McQueen

McQueen... oh McQueen, how amazing your brain works. This collection was so full of PASSION, and POWER. There is such emotion and excitement projected into these clothes. The bold oversized patterns in increasingly exaggerated classically feminine silhouettes as the show went along, created an amazing tension that I think is seldom seen in the runway. The details were so luxurious and decadent; oversized hats, feathers, bows and even metal body armor, it was truly a feast for the eyes.

I was completely blown away. I'm so glad Alexander McQueen is around.


Anonymous said...

SO SO SO SO SO unbelievably good. creative and excessive in the most brilliant of ways! oh, how i love alexander mcqueen!!

the question i'm asking myself is how he got the models's lips to look like that and WHY?

Eli said...

the use of optical illusion prints are pretty much the epitome and expression of what this is. A little reminiscent of Dior. I could do without the wax lips though. I

miasloveaffair said...

its that sort of pete burns look, question the 'normal' realms of beauty....constantly pushing the boundaries-its not what we see as beauty but he sure makes it that way-ALEXANDER MCQUEEN YOU GENIUS!

Great post,

Mia x

E.K. said...

I love the Escher bird dresses!

Ashford said...

houndstooth is pretty eh in my book, but the birdie version is great!

Cassiopeia said...


This collection made my heart skip several beats. It's amazingly powerful. I love the last pic you put up. It's scarily beautiful.