Paris Fall 09: Dries Van Noten

Dries put out an INCREDIBLE collection for fall. I loved the simple silhouettes paired with super bright colors and insane prints. Everything was so easy, comfortable and relaxed but super duper chic. These are clothes that you don't have to think twice about buying because you know they'll always look good. My favorite look is the second to last one, nothing like metallics paired with nude colors. I will definitely try to take inspiration from this collection in the next few months.

The accessories were also super cool, I loved the grouping of oversized bobbypins to form some kind of hair broche that is super easy and chic. And the shoes, OH THE SHOES! The snakeskin heel and covered shoes is so goddamned luxurious and secretly over the top. LOVE IT.


Becky said...

love the COLOR! aren't you just craving it?! I know I am... everything else was so dark.

Anonymous said...

i love the bobby pins. they're great! i thought the dries collection was pretty good too

amanda said...

that first sweater is INCREDIBLE, & the 2nd to last outfit is just perfection.

Enfievre said...

the shoes are a laia must-have. i seriously lovvveeed the hair, ill be doing a lot of this in my hair grow out phase.

Anonymous said...

love love love this collection... makes me want spring so so bad!

Jillian B said...

i love how the bobby pins look almost like Q-tips.

Ashford said...

um yes, dvn has been growing on me for the past few seasons.
-love how graphic/pixelated the snakeskin heel is.
-the nudes with metallics is a definite DO. I want to do it now! damn my not having an amazing metallic skirt.
-the deep coral lips are good too


white lightning said...

saved almost all the same dries looks too. the color pallette was SO SO SO fully perfection.

Vintage Tea said...

I love the colours

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