Paris Fall 09 I

(Don't get too excited that it's Paris. The first few shows have been underwhelming at best).

1. Anne Valerie Hash:
The print in this dress is awesome because it reminds me of a street with cars traveling very fast. I would switch out the tights and the shoes to make it stand out more.

2. Rue du Mail:
This just looked really comfortable. I love the jacket with oversized ruffles that go over the shoulder.

3. Balenciaga:
Uhhhhh... so Balenciaga was a total bust. It wasn't even BAD it was just blah. I mean, the only thing I sorta liked from the collection is that blue dress, and to a lesser extent, the pastel satin easter malarky going on in the second look. And if it wasnt for the ugly shoes with some kind of sheer knee highs over them, you'd hardly know it was the work of Nicolas! The clothes seem very faux American-Upper East Side designer, which I guess is something he could've been going for, but then I would expect something a little more subversive and less second rate. I dunno man, I just dont know whats going on...

4. Gareth Pugh:
I am not really a fan of Gareth Pugh. I recognize that he is doing some pretty amazing things for his collection, but I feel like it's still in a total "weird for the sake of weird" stage, which is OK, but just not enough to move me. This collection was definitely a step forward and it was more wearable than his past offerings for sure. This jacket is 100% incredible. The sheen, the drape, everything. You'd never even have to worry about dressing up ever again, just throw this over whatever jeans and top and all of a sudden you look like a million bucks. Love love love.


readysetfashion said...

oh, i was excited for Paris! i was so bored with ny and milan.....i was counting on paris to redeem this fall 09 season. not gonna happen, huh?

it will be interesting how designers and the magazines try and sell this season to consumers.

VÉ‘le (: said...

Rue du mail!!!