Paris Fall 09 II

1. Rick Owens:
Rick Owens was full of magnificent layers. His shows are for sure pretty out there, but separate, the pieces have an unmistakable allure and feel. I love the rounded asymmetric coat, you can totally tell how soft it is just by looking at it. And what's going on in the legs? Do the shoes have an attached pant leg to them or is the leather attached to the sweater tights that she is wearing? I love that I don't know. It would be so cool to get to see all of these pieces by themselves and then together.

I think the last few seasons have been mostly dark, but the light colors in this collection are so incredible. Whereas usually Rick Owens has a kind of cave-age, nomad feel, this is totally future clothes for the space age. Love the asymmetric cutaway tunic with silver miniskirt.

This coat is so warrior-like! Just look at those shoulders. Sasha looks like she could just levitate and move shit around with just her brain.

2. Bruno Pieters:
Speaking of clothes that give you magic powers of levitation and telekinesis, check out this incredible coat. The lines are just exquisite.

It's always good when designers keep the visual lines in an outfit. If the fur forearm warmers were not lined up exactly with the top of the skirt, the look would lose SO much impact. On top of that, the hem of the shirt sleeve matches the length of the skirt. JACKPOT!

I know that this wouldn't be as strong if there wasn't a black background where the arms could blend into, but that doesn't make this any less awesome. This is just obviously built with such precision that I can't help but be drawn to all the angular lines. I especially love the combination of black and brown. Taboo Schmaboo.

The hood falling perfectly into the lines in the jacket is too good to be true. I love that he combined such a slouchy, relaxed hood with such a severe tailored garment. Everything in this collection seemed to be as good as it could possibly be, as precise as it could possibly be, as perfect as it could possibly be. Hats off.

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Enfievre said...

i was really not impressed by this collection, it looked a little messy. the only thing i will say is it was a breath of fresh air to see some white.