Paris Fall 09 III

1. Christian Dior:
This coat is fantastic. I love the color and the embroidery, but my favorite part is the asymmetric placket.
(Yes, I love asymmetry. So obvious by now, right?)

Now this coat-dress, this is truly fantastic. It's kind of futuristic by way of classic early 20th century awesomeness.

Sheer blue with gold detailing and oversized jewels? I'm SO there. SO SO THERE.
Where will my growing obsession with sheer fabric take me?

The shoes this season were surprisingly "simple" considering Galliano's offerings in previous seasons. I think I like them so much because the heel reminds me of a lucky rabbit paw thingamajig, and who wouldn't be able to walk around with luck at their feet all day?

2. Lanvin:
I hate to admit that I was let down by Alber this season. Why have all the designers wussed out on me? I don't want to see the recession on the runway! I want to see magic and fantasy, which is something that Alber always has in SPADES and yet this season felt so sober and serious and dare I say it... funereal? I don't know guys, I just don't know. This dress is lovely. I will go cry now and look at his pre-fall collection until it's time for spring 2010 shows.

3. Yohji Yamamoto:

At least Yohji never disappoints. These voluminous experiments on the peacoat are insanely rad, as usual. I hope one day I get to know what it feels like to wear crazy pieces such as this one. I imagine that these coats are also the coziest things ever, which is a total JACKPOT when forced to take the subway to work on snowy days that you'd rather stay in bed. You kind take the bed with you wherever you go.

4. Issey Miyake:
Like a Christmas ribbon you get to wear year-round.

5. Veronique Leroy:
"Oh hey guys, what's up? Yeah, I'm just hanging out here with my cool futuristic top and these tapered pants and platform sandals. Oh, what's that? What's THIS? Oh it's just a glittery puppy that keeps me warm, you know, no big whoop"


Cassiopeia said...

Definitely feeling the Yamamoto spirit... Wanting to wear tonnes of red and backcomb my hair into a big wispy mess... Oh wait. It's a big wispy mess already. Yay! :-D Also loving the Dior. That third look is just to DIE for! It's like a waterfall, all sparkly and shimmery. Not sure what it'd look like ON, but HEY! that's Not The Point! ;-)



Ashford said...

a glittery puppy!
that keeps your neck warm?!?!!!!