Paris Fall 09 IV

1. Ann Demeulemeester:
LOVE the contrast of hard and soft here, the triangular cutouts on the corset are just waaaay too killer. The white dress is the perfect piece to showcase it.

2. Sophia Kokosalaki:
Love the disheveled way this is draped. It's a little madcap, for sure.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier:
There are a couple of awesome things happening here.
1. The combination of patterns between the blouse and skirt.
2. The black skirt is layered over some kind of sheer belt thingamajig that is INSANE.
3. Vertical striped tights worn under fishnets.
And it all works because it's all black and white!

4. Haider Ackermann:
The fluidity of this skirt is just perfect. And as I am a sucker for anything asymmetric and zippers, you can imagine how I feel about the jacket/top. It's so elegant.
(Would Tilda wear Ackermann?)

Similar lines as the previous one, but totally different feeling. This made me think of a desert nomad or something. It feels very practical and grounded. The jacket has a kind of "forgotten jewel" vibe to it, like it's been weathered away by sand and sun. Talk about romantic!

5. Givenchy:
Riccardo Tisci totally turned it around from last season's totally gross collection. It was a little all over the place, like a ton of mini collections shown together. I loved these dresses he made out of white laces with blue shoulder pads that peeked through. It's dainty and futuristic and even a little 80's at the same time.

Obviously into this disco ball draped cape dress of awesomeness. The best part? POCKETS!

This is the final look and I'm not entirely sold on it but I think it's rad. I love that she looks like she's going to fly away at any minute, I just don't know if I'm into the skirt worn over the trousers. As a general rule, I hate layering skirts over pants, yet this looks... good? Lord help me. It was a beautiful, beautiful collection.


E.K. said...

Your friend doing music? That is hip!!! Dang!

STEFANIE said...

I loved Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann (oh yes Tilda would definitely wear this ^-^) and Givenchy too! Givenchy was WAY better than last season!

Cassiopeia said...

Oh goodness... ADORE the two Haider Ackermann looks! Massive Lust! ;-D

Thanks for posting...



tanya said...

wow I love that Sophia Kokosalaki dress--stunning!

SOS! said...

new rule. All dresses must have pockets.........
xx-LJ from SOS!

Ashford said...

um let's talk about that HAIR at gaultier!
kuh razyyyyyy