Paris Fall 09: Nina Ricci

Bad news guys, this was apparently Olivier's last collection for Nina Ricci. I am so SHOCKED! I mean, I remember all the rumors about his possible departure a while ago, but they were all dimissed. Well, turns out it was true.
All I have to say about that is: BULLSHIT!
Ok, now that I've gotten all that out of my system, here's the collection.

The collection was darker than his previous offerings, both in mood and color. It still held the usual romantic spirit, but this time it was way more tough. You could see it in the fabric choices and the meticulous, straightforward cut of the clothes as well as the towering platforms with no heel that were equal parts stripper and creature from the underworld. I love the glittery mini-dress worn over the drab grey turtleneck with those insane platform boots. Secret subversive.

Nothing says awesome like a diminishing double-breasted metallic coat with a jutting angular lapel.

The proportions on this suit are great. Nice fitted jacket with oversized lapels with slouchy pants that have been dipped in pink glitter. WITH MATCHING BOOTS! Oooh and those shoulders are so straight! I mean, are you dying yet?

There will come a day when I'll need an asymmetric glittery jumpsuit, and I'll be glad I had this in my closet. Just think of all the sheer stuff you can layer over this!

Oh the soft volume on this is KILLING me. I am not an advocate of poufy sheer sleeves, but in this case I want to BATHE in them. This is just so damn luxurious and mysterious and if I was a lady of a certain age who entertained guests at my chateau in France, this is what I would wear to greet my guests.

For Elizabeth: This brings you one step closer to being a "coldkillah robot girl from the future".

And of course, ending with his beautiful swoopy dresses. How could they let this man go? The turquoise dress with matching metallic platforms is just incredible. Those things create such a wonderful silhouette.

1. I need that hat with built-in visor. Total space age love song.
2. Just look at how insane those shoes look as you walk away! AAAAAAH

Je t'aime Olivier.
Always and forever.
I'm sure I'll see you soon, perhaps back under your own name?


L. said...

hahaha! i just did a post on those crazy nina ricci shoes, too!

Nana said...

omg those shoes are EPIC! and the spock purple jacket is my new love!

Cassiopeia said...


Those shoes scare me silly.

That is all ;-D



E.K. said...

Those shoes are re-dunk-ulous! Love 'em.