Paris Fall 09 V

1. Stella McCartney:
This dress is so rad. It's the perfect shade of teal and the lace details look kind of out of place layered over the white top. This feels like a slightly "downtown" (ugh I can't believe I'm using that word in that context) Nina Ricci. *Bless you Olivier at Nina Ricci*

DUDES, so good and sexy and sultry. I love it.
(I'm still not over this lace business)

2. Sonia Rykiel:
Hippie ssssssssparklessssss!

3. Viktor & Rolf:
The draping in this coat is OUT OF CONTROL! It's both super warrior and weirdly classic. Absolutely epic.

4. Christian Lacroix:
Great mix of textures between the jacket and the lace tights. I love an oversized jacket-dress for sure.

5. Yves Saint Laurent:
I don't know what attracted me so much to this look, but it feels soo powerful. I really like the fit of the pants (I'm obsessed with pants now). They're cut slim and sit at the natural waist, which feels like the most non-chalant way to wear pants that aren't jeans. The blouse is sort of monastic which is the perfect thing to wear awesome leather pants with.

Slouchy jumpsuit with extra pointy shoulders.
(Hell yes.)

Secretly weird little black dress with exaggerated space cowlneck in an subtly shiny fabric. What's not to like?

The shoes were, of course, magnificent. My favorites are the one in the middle. The material looks amazing, and that platform is just to cool for words. It's sort of subtle and yet it's totally not.


L. said...

i love the color of the mccartney dress:)

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

The wiktor&rolf coat is totally out of this world! I love pretty much all the looks you've picked up.


jen said...

I would probably kill someone for that Viktor and Rolf coat. I'd wear it with the space age YSL dress.

Ashford said...

the rykiel is gorgeous!

E.K. said...

I've always been behind Stella because I'm vegan, but it really helps that her collection is so damn cool.

me melodia said...

I <3 exaggerated space cowlneck

white lightning said...

i saved the same lacroix look. that is as far as i want to go with an 80s vibe, personally. its SO GOOD!