Paris Fall 09 VII

1. Wunderkind:
Sketches and photographic prints! So incredible!

2. John Galliano:
The last third of the Galliano show was absolutely magical. A parade of strangely beautiful goddesses in amazing sheer and liquid silver gowns.

3. Miu Miu:

The Miu Miu show opened with a series of coats re-imagined as incredibly sexy, draped short dresses in nude colors.

I kinda like the fur here because it's not serving any real purpose and that's kind of funny. It's so cool to see what a big difference changing a color palette on the same basic idea. The one on the right shines because of its subtleties and the one in red is all about taking the spotlight, but they are both for strong, confident women.

The color palette here is KILLING me. And the shapes are so simple but the sheer fabrics are so artfully layered, that it brings everything to another level. I can't stop looking at it.

Upholstery fabrics make another appearance this season! I am loving these, how will I incorporate into my life though? We'll see... And the look on the right, well, wow. I love this silhouette, and the beaded skirt is so so extravagant and exotic. It' so perfectly paired with the super simple "top". This collection was so feminine and tough and slightly odd. Totally made for me. Love Miuccia.

Fashion Week is OVER!!!

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white lightning said...

wunderkind: perfection

(mainly) loved miu too