Sunday Jam: Super Nostalgia!

Mecano : Los Amantes:

Mecano : La Fuerza del Destino

Today's musical groupings might seem a little cheesy, but it's actually totally awesome. Mecano is a pop band from Spain and probably one of my first favorite bands (and one of my first concerts when I was 7 or 8). Listening to them always reminds me of being in the car with my mom driving places and singing at the top of our lungs. Actually, we still do this everytime I go back home to visit, so it's not like I have to think THAT far back. I've been obsessed with the first song since January, cause it's just so deliciously 80s and dancey that I can't handle it. The second one boasts a very young Penelope Cruz. And of course, the outfits on both videos are just OUT OF THIS WORLD.

The weird things about watching these videos now is noticing how much my mom looked like the singer, Ana Torroja, during that time.


Areej said...

Both the songs sound great! I'm also a big fan of the whole retro dance music era. :)

Anonymous said...

i love la fuerza del destino.
i remember listening to it on the radio when i was super young.

fran said...

Los Amantes ¡¡¡
Love it ¡¡

Lizania Cruz said...

ohhh me encanta Los Amantes! cuantos recuerdo mecano!