That's it, Balmain, I'm calling shenanigans

Fall 09

Spring 09

I mean, can you even TELL the difference between the Spring and Fall collections? The same shoulder, the same jacket, the same microscopic dresses, the same HIDEOUS mullet long gowns. SAME SAME SAME. And the new harem pants that are open in the front are seriously NOT a step forward from bootcut pants with a bejeweled CROSS, so I don't even know what else to say. I mean, there IS such a thing as having a "look", but this isn't that. This is rehashing. And, if we go even further back, we're gonna see the same malarkies popping up over and over again.

Fall 08

Spring 08

We get it. You are edgy and fun and sexy.
Now let's see, what else you've got.


hazel said...

oh my god the silver mini dress with the ruffly black train that (i think) Natasha Poly is wearing in Fall 09 is hideous.

now, seriously, who's gonna wear that. SERIOUSLY.


laia. said...

oh and that short grey dress that isabeli fontana is wearing in the middle is pure gareth pugh spring 09.

Luce said...

YES its all the same! WTF? I'm not a Balmain fanatic anyway, but I am looking out for Givenchy with bated breath....

and the blog looks great!

Tavi said...

I thought Gareth at the middle pic, too. I feel like no thought goes into Balmain, all just "hey this'll look cool let's add it" except it mostly just looks STUPID. Lame!!!

Anonymous said...

That spring 09 architectural dress reminds me so much of the issey miyake bilbao tote!

readysetfashion said...

amen, sista! this season is suspect!

VÉ‘le (: said...

I can see the diference