Time-Traveling: Cacharel Spring 2001

Man, I wish Cacharel was still as cool as it was back in 2001. I think this collection is the reason why I developed a light obsession with toile de jouy. I loved the way Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro mixed classic patterns with modern silhouettes and made such clothes for cool girls. Kinda like Marc by Marc before Marc by Marc existed*. I'd give anything to have any of these pieces in my closet today.

*Actually, I think Marc by Marc debuted this same season, but I think it was more of a quiet launch because the first fashion show of his' that appears on Style.com is the Fall 2001 collection, which was his second. Random Information for your everyday life. I know. Ack!


Cassiopeia said...

Oooooh! Such cute patterns. Reminds me a bit of Delft. And memoirs of a geisha :-D



Ashford said...

i do love the girly prints of cacharel!
funny thing, my sister and I found a stash of W mags from 2001-2003 and they are shockingly still in fashion. The first one we looked at we thought was new!

Giovanna said...

You have a fabulous blog!! Love all the photos you post :)