Time-Traveling : Prada Spring 2001

So cool, right? I was so obsessed with this collection and I totally managed to scrounge up an outfit inspired by it for one my senior graduation dinner (which I will try to posts pictures of later). The simple shapes and bold colors remind me a bit of Dries Van Noten's upcoming fall collection. I love it's slight charmed awkwardness. And that graphic floral print? I still see it everywhere!

I would also really love to have the guts to wear the old-timey bare-midriff that's really bare-ribcage look. It's just sooo rad.

(Isn't it funny that models changed outfits so much back then? Karen Elson is here 3 times! hahah)


Anonymous said...

oooh "vintage" prada is so fabulous! you're right, that print is still EVERYWHERE! Show's the effect that a crazy good collection can have :-)


Cassiopeia said...

To Die For. Loving the second pic especially... My wardrobe will not be complete without an approximation of that orange skirt!



E.K. said...

Okay I made it a couple posts with out commenting! Did you miss me? I love that top right outfit! That orange shirt is really cool. It looks so 50s to me.

Ashford said...

oh yes prada was what got me into fashion circa 1998. the floral print is still just as good.

Michelle said...

I love it! Except the look with the polo shirt and the skirt, it looks so not-fashionable and not-elegant, if you get what I mean :')

deedoubleyou said...

this is fantastic, i want to wear stripe crop tops. :)