Top 10 Fall 2009

Another season come and gone. It felt like it dragged on forever, right? A lot of times it felt like designers got too worries about the economy and sent out really boring looks that were a total bummer, but still, there were some pretty incredible moments. Here are my top ten favorite shows of the season.

1 Jil Sander
Taking minimalism into the 21st century.
2 Alexander McQueen
Passion. Passion. Passion.

3 Marc Jacobs
The only 80's rehashing worth a damn.
4 Dries Van Noten
Beautiful, bold colors in simple shapes. Chic, classic dressing.

5 Christopher Kane
Sheer dresses with graphic details redefine modern femininity.
6 Rodarte
Natural, organic futurism. Until now, I was sure it was impossible.

7 Bruno Pieters
Strict, severe sensuality.
8 Wunderkind
Totally won over by their amazing prints.

9 Missoni
Cozy turned insanely sexy.
10 Maison Martin Margiela
Slouchy asymmetry : the new avant-garde.


hazel said...

i'm waiting for japan fashion week to do a post like this :) but i agree with most of your choices, accept Missoni. wasn't really my taste, but i liked the prints (of course!)

E.K. said...

I liked that Bruno Pieters show a lot.

laia. said...

I was a bit on the fence about including Missoni, but I guess I reaally did like it. Haha

Anonymous said...

I really liked Rodarte, and Wunderkind was really nice too. I have to admit, the lips at McQueen kind of distracted me from the amazing clothes.

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to contruct a top ten list as well and it's not going too well...it's so hard to narrow it all down!

great list!


Amanda said...

good picks lady!

readysetfashion said...

oooo....good list! jil and mcqueen really could have been the only two shows of the season and i would have been happy.

Peter said...

great top 10!i agree.

In-tree-gue said...

i agree, but no Rei, tao, or junya?

laia. said...

In-tree-gue: You know, I wasn't really into Junya or Tao this season... Comme was the only one in the running, had I made a top 20 or top 15 it probably wouldve snuck in, but as much as I loved some of the stuff there this season, i guess i liked other stuff more. haha.

Enfievre said...

like your picks!

The Domina said...

That Jil Sander is like a Tilda Swinton for the masses...I love it. Could never pull it off, but I love it.

Rollergirl said...

ooh love McQueen's umbrella hat!!

Kristin said...

slouchy asymmetry is the new avant garde? GOD! I hope it looks sick. <3 MMM

Slanelle said...

i love the missoni style