Goodbye Marc

Hey guys. On account of my recent not having a job thing, I've found myself with an awful lot of free time, so yesterday I finally decided to buckle down and clean my closet. It took all day and I was left with three bags of stuff, some to be donated and some to be sold. I thought hey!, why not give you guys first dibs? That way I know that the shoes will have a good home.

Marc by Marc Patent Leather Pumps sz 38 1/2
$125 GONE!

These babies have been worn about 3 times, max. I don't think they've ever been on concrete or cement so they are in incredible condition. Super classic pump, perfect cone-ish heel. They are very comfortable and have the best toe cleavage ever. They will ship with box, which is also in great condition. They originally retailed for about $298.

Marc by Marc Wood Wedges Sz 38
$100 GONE!

These are an awesome color pink and SO perfect for spring time. They have been worn and loved, but that's really only noticeable on the bottom. Really cool functional brass oversized zipper on the side. Also really comfortable and they look great with skirts or jeans or shorts. I kind of cant believe I am parting with them, but I rarely wear them. They will also ship in their original box. Originally retailed for $425.

Marc by Marc Satin Striped Dress Sz 2
$65 GONE!

Awesome dress from the Fall 06 collection. Has ties at the neck (I usually left them untied) and a removable tie at the waist (which I also never used). There re belt loops so you can use your own belt. Side zipper. Functional buttons on bodice, the ones at the waist are decorative. Super rad burgundy and army green palette and it has POCKETS! Unfortunately my cat clawed at it, but it is barely noticeable unless you look at it really upclose. I took a photo of it and had to really mess with the contrast to make it noticeable. I've worn the dress a few times after the cat got to it because it's really not a big deal. In any case, that's why it's only 65 bucks! Get it!

Paypal only.
Shipping depends on your location!
Email me if you want in!
geometricsleep at gmail dot com
Thanks guys.


hazel said...

oooh gurl you gotta do a post on your tattoos cause they look awesome (i'm a sucker for cool body art, just sayin)

but alas i'm broke.

Rachel said...

Those mj pumps are gorgeous...why do they have to be gonnnnnnnnnne?

Georgie said said...

I am always so so slow!

Steph. said...

the shoes are beautiful, exactly what you expect from marc jacobs


LJ said...

It must be so hard giving up the shoesies...they're lovely!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Michelle said...

I read this post yesterday, and last night I had a dream about wearing that dress.. really weird :')
too bad the black pumps are gone!

Natalie marine. said...

Have great tattoo!

Rollergirl said...

Oh the black patent cone heels were heavenly. Who got 'em?