I know that recently my posting has been less than stellar but I've been insanely uninspired. You know, sometimes I wonder why I spend so much energy and time on this and right now I'm not entirely sure, but I guess that's normal. I've been spending time doing other projects (shredded tee! zine!), which I'm really psyched about, and I guess that's also taken my attention away from the blog. Not having a job is bringing me down, that's for sure, but I'm just trying to keep positive, to not lose faith on myself, this city, the world, etc.

I hesitated sharing this, but whatevz, this is mine to do whatever I want with it, right?

I guess I'm just saying I'm sorry, and hopefully things will change soon.


readysetfashion said...

we all go thru this......so share away. you are going to receive a flood of supportive comments and you and your blog are totally worthy of all of them.

so i just wanted you to know, your blog makes me laugh a whole-hearted-deep-from-my-belly-my-dimples-hurt laugh every-frickin-day. and that simply cheers me up.

(keep us updated on your zine!!)

Luce said...

I love you, don't stop! You're funny and awesome and smart and stylish and weird and you like m/m paris, so really what more could anyone want?

laia. said...

readysetfashion: thank you! youre way too kind.

luce: i wont stop! it just might be slower... its too much to just give it up!

you guys are the best

awesome andrea said...

your blog actually puts a smile on my face every time i read it. i know we dont get to see each other as often as we would like, given that we live 6,000 miles away from each other, but in all absolute honesty...reading this makes me feel like we are still close. i get to hear the laia rants that i loved to listen to in the Common Thread/Diner/Design Room. Your sarcasm and wit keep me grounded and laughing, and your eye for design keeps me inspired. losing all that would be too much for me.

you are an amazing person laia, and i love you more than i could say and i think about you more than you probably know. you're a fighter and thats why i love you and thats also why i know without a doubt in my brain that you will be absolutely fine. better than fine. fucking fantastic. uncharted territory.


Stella, I love you. said...

i love your blog. please keep it up :)

hazel said...

i'm sending you an email filled with inspiring thingsssssss

Anonymous said...

Everyday I click on tons of blogs and I always go to yours first!!! absolutely wonderful!!!


Belinda said...

-many many many hugs-