Let's get real fashion-y for a minute...

This is the cover for Vogue's May issue, which I guess ties in with the Met's Model as Muse exhibit/party malarky. While I can say YAY for not seeing Angelina or Jen or Nicole on the cover, I'm kind of confused as to what "moment", the "Models of the Moment" line may be referring to. Let's break it down shall we?

Liya: I love Liya Kebede, this is true, but let's face it, she is not "of the moment" she was "of the moment" like 9 years ago. Liya is classic now, and while you can't put her in the same category as Kate Moss just yet, she's definitely on another level. 0 points.

Anna Jagodzinska: Who? Totally unremarkable girl. I'm surprised that the most unknown of them all got in the actual cover with 2 major girls. Oh well, I'm sure her agency is very excited for her. + .5 point (hey, at least it's a new face!).

Natalia Vodianova: Seriously? See explanation for Liya. 0 points.

Isabeli Fontana: An old-timer who's kind of making a comeback. + 1 point.

Lara Stone: We're all on a first name basis with Lara's boobs by now. Obvz a winner. +1 point.

Jourdan Dunn: Like FIRE! + 1 point.

Raquel Zimmerman: I actually really really love Raquel. She's been around for a while, but she's clearly having a good run. I'm conflicted about her inclusion because she's in the magazine all the time. Conflicted. + .5 point.

Caroline Trentini: Blaaaah. Anna loves her for some reason. 0 points.

Natasha Poly: Dudez, Poly is awesome. I feel like I never see her in any regular magazines, so I'm super psyched to see her here! She's kind of babelicious. + 1 point.

My trades:
Take out Liya, Natalia, Caroline and Anna J. and stick in Lakshmi, Iris Strubegger, Eniko Mihalik and my wild card pick, Karlie Kloss. She's really been killing her editorials lately. + 100000 points.

Vogue cover via Fashion Copious.


readysetfashion said...

you are so on point with this. once again vogue chooses the safe route....seriously, its boring.
go lakshmi, go!

E.K. said...

Wow, impressive break down.

Tavi said...

I was surprised to see Nat too, she's not old news but she's definitely not "of the moment." All moments end so who knows if the term is a good one to use, anyway (especially since half of them don't even make sense!)
I think my 9 picks (not necessarily my fave, but "of the moment" for sure) are Karlie, Chanel Iman (though she WAS just on the cover of Lula, that may have been conflicting), Ikeline Strange, Raquel Zimmerman, Coco Rocha, Lara Stone, Natasha Poly, Freja, and for the last one.. like, Siri Tolleroid I guess?

laia. said...

Freja is one of my absolute favorites, but I think the only mainstream rag that really loves her is Bazaar.

The 4 choices here were personal faves, but more objectively speaking... if I was listing my favorites "of the moment" the list would've included Freja, Bruna Tenorio, Suvi, Anja Rubik and Natasa Vojnovic along with Lakshmi, Karlie K, Iris and Eniko.

hazel said...

UGH basically Anna picked boring.
I for one am into much different girls then these:


but i sort of expect Vogue to pick "all american" girls.
a.k.a All American being white w/blonde hair except for liya and jourdan. they really couldn't have fit Daul Kim into their? seriously? the cover is SO BORING. i mean, they're all pretty but does Vogue not realize we've seen these faces 495 million times?

natasha + carolini realllllly need to go away for the moment. same with raquel. can't take another campaign/cover/editorial with those girls.

i am suprised Stam is not on here. i know Anna lurves her and she's blonde...so...what up with dat?

susie_bubble said...

I would have voted for Karlie as well...

frances said...

definitely karlie k! x

Amanda said...

The reason why Anna Jagodzinska got the cover is because shes the great comback kid of 2008.. she netted 12 campaigns after being pretty much 'gone' for 4 years. To a lot its a big deal... shes also a favorite of meisel.

etoilee8 said...

Yeah, I definitely felt like Karlie got slighted on this. And what about Daul Kim? I would totally have her in there.

laia. said...

I definitely thought about putting Daul in because she has such a rad look, but I feel like out in normal world she isnt as big a presence as in the internet/blogging world or whatever? its a shame. but Daul is totally great. did you see her new hair? AAMAZING

cuteseas said...

Eniki Mihalik ftw! I'm surprised she didn't make it!

Cassiopeia said...

:-D great substitutions - i adore zimmerman too - such attitude and style!