Lil' pick-me-up

I was feeling a little blue today, so I decided to be fancy around the house to cheer myself up.
For some reason I had Gypsy stuck in my head today, so followed that vibe and ended up like some kind of weirdo tropical gypsy*. I guess that would be the opposite of the real Stevie Nicks, but man, I'm ready for spring time and bright colors and you know, "gothing it up" will do nothing for my mood.Haha.
I'm wearing my Docs with it, because I can't let myself go all the way to the other side just yet.

Caftans man, get into it.

*True story: all through elementary school I went as a gypsy for Halloween complete with a magic crystal ball that could see into the future! It was awesome.


Tavi said...

that is all.
THIS is what I want to be this summer.

http://deconstructedgarments.com/ said...

love it! bring on the bright colours!

LUCI said...

The Docs are actually fantastic choice!

When I feel blue, I want to be an elf...

Cassiopeia said...

wow. amazing outfit. sorry ur feeling blue... hope ur days cheer up! :-D



Becky said...

weird it must be in the air!http://materialconcern.com/?p=2232#comments
I love Stevie!

hazel said...

haha when i saw this i was like "THIS IS SO FLEETWOOD MAC" then i scrolled down and saw the video!

god i love thisssss