Return to the power of the pump

aka Fall 09 Shoe Report

Nothing brings back a little inspiration into my life quite like Style.com's seasonal Accessories Report. It's like Christmas!

This Dries Van Noten pump is my favorite shoe of the season. I'm done with this stripper shoe streetwalker aesthetic malarky, and in its place, I'm embracing pumps and a look that's all about powerful classic looks with a twist*. This is a perfect example of that, and you can't get much better than a python covered heel & sole. The contrasting materials are the perfect icing on the cake.
They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

A classic pump shape with an extravagantly fun heel from Nicholas Kirkwood totally fit into my new aesthetic and they share many of the qualities of the Dries pumps in their contrasting materials. I am obviously developing an obsession with snakeskin.

The molded platform sole is getting a lot of play, but it's because it can take shoes to another level. This version by Jil Sander is very modern while retaining a nostalgic vibe about it. The bone color is exactly what I need.

I immediately fell in love with the awesome Missoni pumps when they came down the runway. How could I not? Perfect snakeskin, metal heel and the detail-de-resistance, the crazy ankle vampire collar. These may be number 2 on my must have list...

Perfect white chunky pumps with contrasting black details from Marni.

Another awesome molded white pump from Lanvin, this time in satin. That heel is the stuff dreams are made of.

This YSL pump is fucking dangerously sexy. Yes, the expletive is totally required.

I've always loved maryjanes and this yellow velvet version by Calvin Klein is super rad. I love the mix of the industrial looking heel with the sort of cozy, old-timey feeling of velvet.

No worries though, I haven't got all conservative on y'all. I still love me some crazy shoes like these INSANE covered platforms from Dolce & Gabbana. I would treasure them forever.

I'm not made of stone John Galliano! You can't make these kinda of things and not expect to get a reaction from me!
(Listen, I'm not advocating we all go running around the city and trying to catch trains in these, but they are SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD)

I am always a sucker for a ridiculous fairy tale shoe, like this Christian Louboutin wedge. siiiiiigh.

Pierre Hardy geometric print sneaker pumps. I uh, have no more words for this. Ooh and that is an impeccable heel.

This Hermes sandal-bootie totally took my breath away. The color combination is so great.

Damn, Manolo Blahnik, work it out! I know it's kind of a frou frou Upper East Side shoe, but it creates too cool a shape for me to pass up.

If I knew there was ever a chance of me getting THE Proenza Schouler boots, they would be at number 1 on my must have list. They are so barbaric and powerful and weirdly Nordic ski-resort-ish and I would love them forever because no one could ever possibly mess with me ever while I was wearing them.

Hi, my name is Laia and I love shoes.

*Does that even make sense? I've been thinking about this a lot lately.


Cassiopeia said...

Goodness... I neeeeed those crazy D&G platforms!


AFitz said...

Took me forever to pick a favourite, but I'm definitely going with Pierre Hardy

LJ said...

the ysl pair... I want that face on my feet.. now.
xx-LJ from SOS!

Gabriela said...

"I'm done with this stripper shoe streetwalker aesthetic malarky to end"

Oh, man. I thought I was the only one :D

Then again, I still can't do sky-high heels so they were a no-no for me to begin with :( I think I need the Marni pumps and Hermès booties now though! <3

laia. said...

gabriela: ack that sentence was a mess! its all cleared up now. hahaha

readysetfashion said...

the lanvins take my breath away. this pair makes up for the pair i missed last season. i have begun the hunt already! and, i agree, the bone color sanders are the perfect year-round shoe.

futurelint said...

oh my! these are all so good! I love how shoes just keep evolving!

kelse said...

almost fell off my chair.. uhm.. bed.. when i saw those louboutins...... oh jewels are just great

Lucy (The Fashion Setter) said...

I am for the Dries Van Noten, too. YSL as a second choice =)


In-tree-gue said...

I wish i could wear heels, well not that i can't but my mom won't allow it. I'm a 15 year old woman, i have the right to wear heels.
Omg Pierre Hardy asdjhasdkgaksldfjgaofsjg
(my lack of a good vocabulary is quite evident in the above "statment")

Ashford said...

i've been obsessed with python skins too! I like the calvin mary-janes, adn the "collar" on the Missoni pumps is killer.


ahhhh shoes shoes shoes!!! great selection

Matias Bouhet said...

I love the selection, amazing! nice blog :)

Dream Sequins said...

I am "pumped" up for these shoes. Love them. I do enjoy a return to ladylike glamour!

La Chauve-Souris said...

awsome selection of shoes, sick, especially the nicolas K ones, the new winter collection is amazing!!!

good night
the bat

Phone with a Cord said...

Candy always chooses great stuff!

Miss Mae said...

the Manolos=HOT.

this post made my day : )


Rosé Magritte said...

I die in total awe of all of these.

Lea said...

LOVE them all specially the Hermes sandal-bootie very colourful and fun!

Robynne said...

Insane shoes!! Working at a shoe store has made me shoe obsessed. It's getting bad.

fashion on edge.

Rachel said...

AHHH! I want those D & G's. SO cool dude.

badenbaden said...

Damn, girl. These shoes are heaven. And your commentary is spot on.