Sunday Jam: Two Minute Sunny Day Jams

Cafe Tacuba : Las Flores

Blur : Song 2

It's a beautiful sunny day over in Brooklyn today and I am psyched to be outside. Originally I wanted to post The Strokes' The Modern Age, but they've disabled embedding like a bunch of turdbuckets. ANYWHO, if you grew up in a Spanish-speaking country, I'm sure you remember Cafe Tacuba and the "rock en espaƱol" explosion of 1995. The record this song is in, Re, is incredible and definitely sits near the top of my all time favorite records. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you'd love it, they are just really amazing guys. The song never ever ever ever fails to make me happy.
And of course Blur, ah! I am on such a nostalgia trip lately huh? I guess I just have a lot of time to think nowadays. But yeah, this song rules and well, I don't think I need to wax poetic on its awesomeness.



sleepyhead said...

i remember seeing the video for song 2 when i was a wee one, it was one of my first music videos. growing up mom and dad banned us from cable...

cuteseas said...

i love your new picture for your page!