Time-Traveling: Chloe Spring 2001

Continuing our 2001 time-traveling bonanza, here's a total classic from the days when Stella McCartney was at the helm of Chloe. I LOVED the horse print pieces in this collection so so so so much. As a matter of fact, I think this may have been the collection that finally made me accept Stella as an awesome designer and not just "Paul McCartney's daughter". I loved that she mixed such cool fluid jersey pieces with amazingly structured coats and jackets. And yes, I totally had a t-shirt with a beaded pineapple on the front too that I bought at Charlotte Russe and I felt so STYLIN' everytime I wore it! When I'm older and have more monetary means, I will track one of these dresses down and it's going to be a sweet sweet day.


Cassiopeia said...

i adored this collection... gosh it's so long ago!



kk# said...

love it ohhhhhh where can i get that brown dress???any ideas???help me please coz im going crazy abot that pice